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Strides Toward Diversity

The work of the IUPUI Office of Equal Opportunity is guided by federal and state statutes for equal employment opportunity, non-discrimination, and affirmative action. Federal and state rules relative to Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action protect the rights of all individuals to take and hold a job, engage in all activities of the University, and to advance free from discrimination on the basis of personal characteristics such as race, color, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, age, disability, or veteran status.

At IUPUI, diversity means three things:

  1. diversity is an educational and social asset to be reflected in our learning and work objectives;
  2. the persons who comprise our academic community reflect both the current diversity of our service region as well as the evolving demographics of a state and city that aspire to participate fully in a global society; and
  3. IUPUI’s social and physical environment will enable all of its members to succeed to the fullest extent of their potential.

Having diversity in classrooms, research labs, clinical practice settings, and places of work is essential to the fundamental work of the university. If students are to learn, they must be encouraged to ask questions, seek knowledge from those with whom they disagree, and take part in open and honest debate. The ability to learn from and use diverse perspectives is instrumental to constructive problem solving and good citizenship, so it is essential that the campus have an environment that encourages interaction among individuals of diverse backgrounds. Our employees, too, expect and deserve to work in a healthy, supportive atmosphere that respects differences.

To help accomplish this, the Trustees of Indiana University adopted an equal opportunity/affirmative action policy that is based on resolutions dating from 1969 and reaffirmed unanimously in 1995. The trustees stated, “In reaffirming this policy, which has served us well, we must advocate and perpetuate performance which reflects this commitment. We must and will hold ourselves accountable for our decision and action.”

Each year, IUPUI reaffirms its commitment to this policy and to observing requirements embodied in federal and state laws, executive orders, guidelines, and regulations designed to promote affirmative action and assure equal opportunity. As part of that reaffirmation, we expect deans, directors, and others who have administrative responsibility and authority to carry out the policies of the trustees and to pursue our shared diversity goals effectively. In addition, individual employees are to display an attitude of collaboration and cooperation by performing their duties in a manner that clearly reflects the principle of equal opportunity in every aspect of university life.


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