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Make A Soldier Smile

My how time flies! The holidays are already upon us. Spread your holiday cheer and show you care by remembering our deployed military personnel this holiday season. The IUPUI Staff Council is currently collecting gifts, letters, postcards, and any other appropriate goody you would like to share with our troops to wish them a happy holiday. Collections will be taken until Dec. 13 and shipment is planned for Dec. 15.

The IUPUI Staff Council has provided a list of gift ideas, it is as follows:

  • sticky fingers
  • silly string
  • romance and mystery novels
  • Flavor-Ice
  • Yo-yos
  • Nerf anything
  • silly putty
  • puff pills
  • stickers
  • bouncy balls
  • stress balls
  • DVDs
  • squirt guns
  • water balloons
  • board games
  • hand-held video games
  • playing cards
  • books, books, books
  • New Year’s Eve stuff
  • NFL stuff
  • temporary tattoos
  • bubbles
  • craft supplies (pipe cleaner, glitter, etc.)
  • IUPUI goodies
  • cash (to offset the shipping costs)

These are just a few examples of appropriate and appreciated gifts to send. “Some people are inviting their child’s classroom to write letters to send,” said Kelly Miholic, “and we are collecting those as well. The best things, the things we get the most praise for are the inappropriate thing – the silly, funny, crass things. We need to be careful not to offend, especially as these are going to people we do not know, but do not be afraid to be silly.” These are great ways to show support and encouragement.

Try to avoid sending chocolate; they tend to melt during the shipping process and your effort will go to waste. Also sending candy is discouraged as they receive a huge amount of it. Sending weapons, liquor and/or pornography is completely prohibited.

You can bring your items to LD154, in the Science Building, for delivery. It does not matter if you bring them in sacks or boxes, and they can be prearranged or jumbled. The IUPUI Staff Council will organize the items into neat care packages for shipment. Several departments around campus are collecting items if you have any questions, such as which department is closest to you, contact Kelly Miholic at kmiholic@iupui.edu.


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